Monday, October 6, 2008

Play week

Finally finished, am so pleased with myself!
My favourite things about all this was learning to use flickr, I love it and will continue to use it, also enjoyed facebook, my space and youtube.

I have learned heaps from setting up a blog, and have enjoyed looking at other peoples blogs. I have enjoyed this experience, at times it was a bit frustrasting but I got there in the end!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Social networking

Checked out lots of libraries that use Myspace, and they vary, some I found have lots of information, and others not so much, but I guess it gets added to all the time. Myspace for libraries is a great way of social networking, its great to be communicating with so many people on all different levels. Its a great way of sharing information, giving people the opportunity to connect with others, and letting people know whats out there, and a great way of promoting the library.

My Space and Facebook

Checked out Auckland Public Libraries bebo site, very good, tells you information on whats happening and what they have, among other things.

Visited My Space which was cool, Put in some of my favourite bands and it gave me heaps of information on them, like the wikipedia, u tube videos and their offical websites, and the list goes on...

I have a facebook account and love using this as I can keep in touch with all my friends all over the world and find out what they are up to, Its a lot of fun


Wents into which you have to pay for, was disapointed as I could'nt find many classic's. Tried LibrVox which is a free site, was impressed with the choices, located "Heidi" and "Swiss family robinson". Had a listen to the first chapter of Heidi, This is a great way of listening to a story without going to the library and getting the audio book.


Looked at all the directories, some were very confusing and not easy to navigate, liked podnova, and viewed podcasts on book reviews, Radio items, etc. Looked at some of the most popular podcasts and added a RSS feed for a podcast to my bloglines account. Found lots of useful podcasts like items that have been on the radio.

Monday, September 29, 2008


This is my fav! I can spent hours listening and watching youtube. I like it because you can see lots of old songs, its like going back into the past. I like that you can see all the videos that are most watched. Don't like most of the promoted videos, like the ones about elections...
Youtube would be good in the libraries to teach user education and promote our libraries to customers advising what is avaiable

Web 2.0 awards

Flickr is my favourite, this is the one I use the most and am not surprised that it got lst prize. Flickr is great because you can explore a wide variety of images, upload photos, organise your photos, edit them and share them with the world.